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Re: Exim4 & SSL support

Hi Marco

It doesn't matter if you are using either heavy or light packages. You need to
enable the macro MAIN_TLS_ENABLE somwhere in your configuration files. It depends if
you are using monolitic or distributed configuration.

Read the file in /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/03_exim4_config_tlsoptions and you'll see
this macro enables the rest of the TLS options.

Then you need to create a set of SSL keys with openssl. You can use the utility
script exim-gencert for this purpose.

One last important thing, check that the user running your SMTP daemon has read
access to your SSL keys.


> I have exim4-daemon-heavy (v. 4.50-8)  installed on my Linux Box with
> Debian Sarge.
> Can exim4 work with SSL support (port 465)?

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