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Re: Urgent problem with ext3 filesystem!!!

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 13:38:19 +0100
G-Point <the.g.point@gmail.com> wrote:

> when i boot my pc, it stops on root filesystem check, because it says that a
> file has "6 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 0 file(s)"
> so i can't boot linux.

There are six different parts in the file where it points to a single
block, which in the dos/windows world would be known as a crosslinked
file if that helps you understand the situation any better.

> i don't want to delete that file, how can i solve my problem?
> copying that file to another partition?

If you can boot from another disk (Knoppix maybe as suggested in
another post) and copy the file that would be one solution.

> running fsck or ex2fsck?
> i tried to log in as root and typed fsck -n (assuming "no" to all questions,
> you know) and i saw that it first asks: "clone multiply-claimed block(s)?"
> and then : "delete file?"
> what can i do?
> cloning them will damage anything?

The damage is already done. If you let it clone the blocks five copies
of the block should be made (for a total of 6) so each instance of
claimed ownership will have it's own copy of that data. The end result
of this should be the same as you would get if you boot from another
disk and copy the file.

Later, Seeker

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