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Re: Sharing Linux printer with Mac

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:15:34 -0500
Chinook <chinook.nr@tds.net> wrote:

> A recap and progress update so anyone interested can get a quicker picture:
> I have browsing on on the Linux box and I can see the Linux printer from 
> the CUPS interface (even see it in app print dialog) on my Mac. Trying 
> to print anything though first resulted in my Mac saying it can't can't 
> resolve the hostname.
> (I made changes to cupsd.conf network options (HostNameLookups, 
> Browsing, BrowseProtocals, BrowseAddress and Allow) on the Linux side)
> I added
> send host-name "debian1";
> to /etc/dhclient.conf on the Linux so it now posts its hostname to the 
> router.
> On my Mac I also added
> debian1
> to /etc/hosts. 

I haven't followed your setup closely, but don't these two lines potentially conflict? By that I mean, if you are using DHCP, what assures that debian1 is always at And if its not, then mac will try to resolve to that address because its in /etc/hosts, while meanwhile, the router has a different address for that name?

>To make sure such got completely "into" the system I 
> booted from another volume and cleared the caches on my working volume, 
> repaired permissions, verified the volume (and even double checked it 
> with DiskWarrior to make sure I didn't screw anything up). Then I 
> rebooted to my working volume and rebooted the Linux box.
> If I try to print to the shared printer, my Mac still says it can't 
> resolve the host for printer EpsonSPR300@debian1
> I've also tried creating a printer on my Mac that points to the Linux 
> printer (tried http, ipp and lpr) and with Printer Sharing on or off, I 
> get "host is busy - will try again in 30 seconds." 8-P (I 
> pointed at xxx://
> I'm not sure where to turn from here - Maybe I'll start the netatalk 
> "Mac Classic" daemons (atalkd and papd) on the Linux side and try to 
> print to it with AppleTalk. Something I really don't want to do because 
> I don't need the Classic daemons otherwise and from everything I've read 
> I should be able to share the printer with CUPS alone.

I spent a couple hours trying to share a Mac printer with a win box (ugh) and gave up, but one thing that I kept running across was the need to create an extra queue on the Mac strictly for the winblows box to use. Might you need a similar setup on debian1? create an additional instance of the printer just for the mac to use. 

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