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Re: Power down


I have an old (1999) computer too. dmesg showed that the kernel does find my ACPI but doesn't use it because my bios is too old. It says something like "... bios too old (1999 < 2001)". I now use the kernel parameter "acpi=force" and now the kernel is using my ACPI. Poweroff does now realy switch the power off!


Elmer E. Dow wrote:

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

Noah Dain wrote:

My computer says "power down" when I shut it down. I just upgraded from
kernel 2.4 to 2.6 in Debian Sarge, and of course I want it to shutdown
automatically. What should I do to fix this?

I had a bunch of crappy dells (is there any other kind?) that did this.

I disabled acpi support via the kernel param: acpi=off
I then added "apm" to /etc/modules so apm is loaded on every boot, and
installed/started apmd (although apmd may not be necessary).

be sure to add "acpi=off" to /boot/grub/menu.lst like:

## ## Start Default Options ##
# kopt=root=/dev/hda1 ro acpi=off

then run (as root): update-grub
then, reboot.

I'm sure there's a way to get acpi to work, but apm has always "just
worked" for me.

On my Thinkpad R51 upgrading to a newer kernel (I now run a custom 2.6.12) did the trick (now I can use acpi).


I have an old Dell 333 desktop with Sarge and 2.6 kernel. I tried the above instructions with no success. Any further ideas?


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