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Re: zero install - serious critiques?

David M. Besonen wrote:
hi all,

i have recently been reading about the zero install system as a result of my interest in the rox desktop.

i personally would prefer to use rox with apt. however, it seems the rox devs are primarily packaging for zero install.

anyhow, is there any reason i wouldn't want to use zero install? any glaring problems it creates? the zero install website only has Good Things to say about zero install (not a surprise as much as a disappointment - nothing is perfect).

for reference:


you may see this as some problem:

"Isn't running stuff off the net a security risk?
Isn't that where you get your software from anyway? Zero Install automatically performs a number of checks for you (such as checking MD5 sums and GPG signatures), and since it doesn't run any of the remote code as root, you can try software out safely as a 'guest' user. Once downloaded, the programs are run from the cache, without even checking the original sites for updates (you have to tell it to update manually)."

That means: no security updates or whatever I guess



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