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Re: Tar help

On Monday 26 December 2005 19:19, Marco wrote:
>Hi all,
>I write a file on DAT with this command:
>tar -rf /dev/st0 /backup/* >> /file.log
>How to check that the file is write correctly on DAT?
>I have found on the tar manual, -W option, but this option
>work correctly with my DAT (HP DAT 72 GB)???

What version of tar? 1.14 is known to be busted, 1.13-19 and 1.13-25 are 
ok, as is 1.15-1.

To check, rewind the tape, then use something like:
#>dd -f=/dev/nst0 |tar -t -(or whatever option tells tar to read the 
TOC) for a quick listing, or if you have room on /tmp, change the -t to 
xf or if gziped, 'xzf -'.  The final - tells tar to take its input from 
stdin where the | symbol puts it.

Man tar is your friend.

Cheers, Gene
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