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current package similar to bookmarker (web based bookmark management)?

Hi everyone,

I've been using bookmarker with woody for years now and I like it.  It
provides web access to a database of bookmarks (stored in posgresql in
my case).  The web page is here


but it hasn't been updated since 1998.  Getting it to run was not
easy: code changes, database configuration, web server configuration,
etc...  And it still has some problems, such as certain web pages
won't get saved via quik-mark and I haven't bothered understanding
the users/password/permissions sub-system that gave me so much
trouble in the beginning.  That aspect now runs with minimum

I'm now in the process of migrating it to sarge and while looking
for a package I found some references to there having been a package
of 2.8 (the latest version) for unstable for a while but not since
2000.  packages.debian.org is down at the moment so I can't even
get to that.

If there is no similar package for bookmark management that is
web accessible and can be used with postgresql, I suppose I'll
have to dig into the code again and figure out the user/passwork
configuration issues.  So the first question is: is there some
package in the current distributions that does what bookmarker

If not, is anyone running bookmarker?  Since it appears to have
been orphaned since 2000, is there any interest in fixing it up
for sarge and modern dependencies? (php4, postgresql, apache2,

It is likely that some bugs, like certain pages not saving, are
actually hard to fix or they would have been fixed a long time
ago.  Also any automated configuration on package installation
might be tricky or difficult since so many external packages
depend on having specific settings for bookmarker to work.

Ok, the basic questions now are:

o is there an existing, modern debian package of something that
  does what bookmarker does?

o is there a modern, maybe non-debian-packaged, program out there
  that does what bookmarker does? (not commercial, of course)

o is there any iterest in resurrecting bookmarker as a debian
  package for sarge?

o does anyone that might have been involved with debianizing
  bookmarker back in 2000 care to provide some pros/cons as to
  why I should make a package of it or not even bother?

Thanks for any info.


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