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Re: Digital Camera

On Sunday 08 January 2006 09:29, Z F wrote:
>The only problem with using camera in linux is often there is no way
>to access raw images from the camera, only jpeg or tiff.
Well, in the case of my now ageing (like me :) Olympus C3020, that is 
not an available choice unless you go into the camera's menu's and 
change the saved image format.  So thats not a "linux" problem per sie, 
so quit blaming that on linux, its apparently universal.  Be aware 
though, that saving as a raw will use up the memory card at an 
astounding rate, in my case converting a 64 meg card from an 88 pix 
card to a 6 or less pix card.  AIR .tiff will make it a 13 pix card.  
As I can make quite usable cropped and expanded to 8.5x11s from 
the .jpg's, I don't often wade thru the menu's to find that option.  
Its also lost when you turn the camera off in my case, so after 
experimenting with each format once, I've never done it again.

>--- mvephoto <mvephoto@shaw.ca> wrote:
>> Hi. Generally speaking, pretty good. However, I tend to move away
>> from the
>> issue of having a digital camera "work" with my computer(s), and use
>> a
>> card-reader instead. This is a] usually faster, b] saves on battery
>> life of
>> the camera and c] a cardreader is most likely "plug and play" and
>> will be
>> recognized by your Linux system very much like a Windows system
>> would.

WRT battery life, I polished up the battery case contacts to remove some 
oxidation, and have now been using the same batteries for about 6 
months.  It was about 6 pictures before I did that.  YMMV of course, 
but if you have a gold colored contact, it may not be gold, but this 
oxidation.  Look it over very carefully with a good glass, shiney, its 
gold, dull, its oxidation.
>> Other than that, Google is your friend :o)
>> On January 7, 2006 06:31 pm, Robert Thompson wrote:
>> > Hello All,
>> >    I also have a digital camera that I love. It is a Sony that
>> > uses
>> a USB
>> > to connect to the computer. Question is: How does digital cameras
>> work with
>> > Debian?
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> > Eric
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