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Re: OpenOffice on a mixed system


I commented out the sid repos, updated, and then upgraded without a problem. At the moment my OpenOffice install from Sid is the same version as is currently in Etch. The previous warnings consisted of a long list of dependency problems, as identified by aptitude, which was suggesting a combination of holds, downgrades, and removals. I'm hoping that now I've removed sid I'll have a painfree upgrade into the newer versions of all the OO programs as they trickle into Etch. My fingers are crossed, and I'll be more cautious before I mix my system again.



Tyler Smith wrote:


I'm running Etch, but in my impatience for OpenOffice2 I installed it when it hit Sid. Now that it has made it into Etch I'm getting all sorts of warnings of impending doom when I try to do a general upgrade. What would be the best way to fix this? Should I just remove the whole OO suite and reinstall from Etch? If that is the easiest thing to do, is there a single package I can uninstall, or do I have to hunt down all the bits individually?



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