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RE: TCP not working over ppp connection (WAS: 5th day using Linux...)

Ok, I have made outputs of the files that Tony and Andrew asked for. For
some reason wget would not dump to a file, so I will copy the output into

Also note: because my laptop does not have a floppy drive, I reloaded same
version of Debian on my PC using a VIA motherboard with onboard PCMCIA
controller. I am still having the same issue (TCP traffic not going over

The output of the files is located at http://www.up-times.com/tcp/ 

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
206-715-TECH (8324)


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From: Tony Godshall [mailto:togo@of.net] 
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 4:45 PM
To: tigran@tigran.com
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Subject: Re: TCP not working over ppp connection (WAS: 5th day using

According to Andrew Sackville-West,
> On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 16:12:21 -0800
> "Tyson Varosyan" <tigran@tigran.com> wrote:
> > Yea, I am going to keep with it. This is just so damn frustrating! How
> > all TCP traffic just be blocked be default?! I do not know enough about
> > OS. I just got home and I am going to try some other flavors of Linux,
> > ubuntu, mandrake, whatever I can find. I tried to install Debian with
> > 2.4 kernel. The only thing that was different is that my NIC did not get
> > magically put to Eth1 - it remained at Eth0. But the PPP problem was
> > there. 
> > 
> > I have been administrating Corporate Windows Networks for 10+ years now
> > I have never seen anything like this with the core OS! Weird-ass driver
> > issues, PNP (plug and pray) not working, devices getting *lost* or
> > patches breaking device drivers - sure - seen it all. But nothing like
> > a working device can connect, send ICMP traffic, route TCP traffic but
> > use TCP for itself.... Plain weird!
> as I said before, I know naught of these things here, so help a bit and
maybe I can help more. What do you mean by use TCP for itself? if its
routing tcp traffic, you should be done? I know, I know, wget doesn't work
etc. ummm... 
> just for shits and giggles, what's your /etc/resolv.conf say?
> cat /etc/resolv.conf
> and how about cat /etc/network/ifaces?
> shots in the dark. 
> fwiw, once you get it done, it will "just work", really....

Also, what about '/sbin/route -n'?  Do you have more than
one interface?  What's the output of '/sbin/ifconfig'

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