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modemu + minicom

Hello list,

I'm trying to get minicom + modemu to work for file transfers over telnet. I 
was given this command by a friend but it doesn't seem to work for me..

modemu -e "AT%B0=1%B1=1&W" -c "minicom -8 -p tty%s modemu"

I've seen this same command in all the modemu howto's I've been able to find. 
When I run this command I get this error..

minicom: connot open /dev/tty/dev/pts/1: Not a directory
Comm program exited.

I have no modem in my machine but I am told modemu should still work but I am 
at a loss as to what else to try. Maybe I need to configure minicom in a 
certain way? But I'm not sure, any ideas?

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