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Re: Hearts again anyone?

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 10:53:27PM -0500, Chinook wrote:
> Etch with kernel 2.6.12-1-686 (2.6.12-10)  Gnome desktop
> ........................................................
> I've got all the important issues satisfied for now.  That is except for 
> the Synaptic "Not Authenticated" issue - having tried the suggested 
> solutions without success I'm waiting for the dust to settle :-)
> Anyway, I'm back to putting up the hearts card game for "She who must be 
> obeyed."  Installing the download balks at not having KDE installed. 
> After the various issues I've had, Im back to a simple Gnome desktop and 
> have no desire to put up KDE for all its bells and whistles (don't blame 
> it - just don't need it).
That's fine.  You're building the hearts game from scratch IIRC because
it isn't a Debian package. You may need qt development libraries / other
KDE dev type "stuff" and build-essential can't hurt (the meta package
that pulls in the basics for package development and compilation etc.)

> The question is that, even if I don't use it otherwise, can I have some 
> minimum KDE installed, install the hearts program and run it in my Gnome 
> desktop??
It may not be an issue any more - but watch out for sound problems.
Historically, the two desktops have tended to fight over sound
resources: if your sound suddenly stops working altogether, it's
probably two competing sound deamons :)

> Any thoughts appreciated.
You're welcome :) Andy

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