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Re: Burning CDs from ISO image - possible?

Ken Heard wrote:

To "Wackojacko": I don't know how I missed the "Tools>CD>Burn CD Image" selection. I thought I had looked at the Tools menu: either I did not, or I did but did not see the obvious. I was able to burn the image as desired using that option. Thanks.

To Björn Lindström: I said that I had tried cdroast; I meant cdrecord. I tried it without any options, just ~$cdrecord FILE.iso. It was when I ran that command I got a whole screenful of error messages, including comments about "unresolved problems" with 2.6.* kernels, including a suggestion that I try 2.4.somthing kernel or Solaris (!?!?)

Since receiving your post I looked at /etc/default/cdrecord. I listed six "default" drives with other info which I did not understand. I suppose I could use cdrecord if I added a line for the drive I use and if I knew how to do so. However, the suggestion from "wackojacko" works quite well; consequently I do not have to find out how to do so. Thanks anyway.

         Regards to all who answered.

2.6.x.kernels don't need the results of the *cdrecord -scanbus* to point to the burning device.

you can as root do something like cdrecord /dev/hdX -data (or of course -audio) -pad -eject -tao or -dao and the *iso_file you want to burn*.

hope this works for you. it did for me.


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