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Re: please help me....

--- rozita reza <rozita_reza@yahoo.com> wrote:

>  im going to use linux as my server for windows clients what distro
> should i use out of Debian and Redhat or Fedora core.....?
>  i prefer Debian but i doubt...
>  please help me, thank you ......

You are asking a Debian mailing list, so do not be surprised if all the
replies say use Debian.

DON'T use Fedora!  It is OK for desktops, but it is permanently under
development and so (in my opinion) it should not be used on a server. 
If you are considering Redhat but don't want to pay the licence fees,
have a look at CentOS (www.centos.org), which is Redhat Enterprise
recompiled and repackaged with all the copyright material removed.

Personally, I would use Debian stable.

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