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Re: nvidia vs. nv drivers

Gabriel Parrondo wrote:
I just moved from nvidia driver to nv. The first reason is that there's is a bug that doesn't let me install nvidia-glx without uninstalling x-system-core, xserver-xorg and xserver-xfree86.
Anyway, I feel better using nv as it's free :-)
Now, can I install glx driver for nv? How do I do that?

Welcome to the ugly side of NVidia. Because they don't make the specs available to FOSS developers, there aren't any 3D drivers for linux other than the binary that NVidia releases.

One alternative if you want to get 3D running and are willing to use the NVidia driver is to download and install their package rather than whats in the repository.

Alternatively, find, fix and/or report the bug in the nvidia-glx debian package.

Good luck,
Jerry Quinn

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