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RE: firefox - how to change menu font

Yes, it is. Firefox uses gtk toolkit which uses .gtkrc* (like .gtkrc-2.0) config files. One way is to manually create this file or in KDE you can install gtk-themes-qt or something like this to force gtk apps to use the KDE theme or fonts.

Another thing I had to adjust to get rid of huge fonts was to change display resolution in Firefox's settins from 75 DPI to "Use system settings".

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LeVA wrote:

>Is it possible to change firefox's (1.5) font, which is used to display it's 
>menus and dialog windows?
I don't think so. A while ago I filed this as a bug in mozilla-firefox.
(1.0.7 then) I got no response I am aware of.
it's bug #326270. I am not currently aware of its status, but it would
certainly help if you submitted further information of this bug. (This
bug should also be moved to package "firefox" I believe. I do not
currently use debian, so I'm not sure.)

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