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removing autofs from sarge installation

Because of recent traffic on this list, I decided to look into using
autofs to help handle my USB devices. I have a pure Sarge system, so
far as I know, or intend. My kernel is the latest version of 2.6.8 
from security.debian.org

I used aptitude to install autofs, but got messages which were
unexpected and confusing to me. So, since it was just an experiment, I
decided to remove it. But I can't either remove or purge.

In all cases, one of the error messages is:

/etc/init.d/autofs: Unknown system, please port and contact autofs@linux.kernel.org

That this message, directing me elsewhere for help, should appear on a
Debian system seems to me to be a reportable bug within the Debian
system, but I'm not sure. Can someone here tell me what this message
means, and what I really should do about it?

Paul E Condon           

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