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Re: subscribing to d-u on a thread basis

[This message has also been posted to linux.debian.user.]
In article <5pW9j-4eM-13@gated-at.bofh.it>, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> Currently on web based forums, one can request the forum software to 
> send an email when a particular threads gets updated. These threads 
> could be anything that you opted in (for example, threads started by a 
> person, threads to which a person replied, threads in which a person is 
> interested in). Is there any such feature available for d-u mailing list 
> also? The advantage is that one need not read all the messages but only 
> those which are of interest to him.
> If that is not possible, can someone recommend a "debian forum" which 
> provides such a feature?

I've been reading debian-user as a newsgroup, linux.debian.user.
My netnews provider (newsguy.com) carries it, and I see it's
in google-groups now.  I don't know how anyone could deal with
it as an email stream.  (I subscribed by email to get posting
privileges, and discard the incoming stream with a procmail
recipe.  Seems a waste, but the gated-at.bofh.it gateway
seems to be read-only.)

If you just want to follow a thread now and then, use
google groups.


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