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Re: Re: Re: Re: set-up for watching video

My set-up for watching video is almost complete now. I generate mplayer
from source with 'essential' codecs. After an initial hiccup due to some
left-over from kaffeine which was not cleanly removed, mplayer works
fine. With a 'skin', I can operate it with a GUI. After installed
mozilla-mplayer plug-in which is available from 'non-free contrib' I can
watch vidoes online from all the sources that I have tried so far.
The unsatisfactory part is that the video appears in start-and-stop
mode. This is a pain when watching online news. I don't know if the comm
link is a problem. I am using a 512Kbps ADSL link. Another thing is to
know how to save those videos for offline viewing. The method used from
within Mozilla i.e. Tools->Page Info->Media does not always work because
a video is often broken up into several image parts.

suggestions would be welcomed.


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