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Re: Using par2

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 21:24 +0700, David Garamond wrote:
> I found out about par2 a few days ago and I think it's absolutely
> great. And I think I've grasped the basic concept. But does anyone
> know how to use par2 to accomplish the following:
> Suppose I have 5000MB of data. That's a bit over 7 CDs (or 1 DVD). Can
> I backup this data to, like, 10 CDs or alternatively 3 DVDs, *and* be
> able to recover the original data using any 8 of the CDs (or any 2 of
> the DVDs). So if I lose up to 2 random CDs of the CD set, or 1 random
> DVD of the DVD set, I can still fully recover the whole data?

Well, it's not QUITE that easy. You'll need to have the par files
available somewhere. (These are the files that par2 will generate for
you.) If you decide to put them on a CD, and that's one of the CD's you
lose, you're out of luck. But as long as you keep the PAR files
somewhere safe you could (probably) lose 1 or 2 CD's out of a 10 CD set
and still recover. With the DVD's it would be a different issue.
Recovering from 33% data loss would be tricky.

Alex Malinovich
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