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Re: webcam trust WB-3100p.

--- Mauro Sanna <mauro.sanna@comune.cagliari.it>

> Hello.
> Someone here is using that webcam with debian?
> I'm using debian testing with kernel 2.6.12.
> I'm using the usb driver sn9c10x and video for
> linux.
> Kernel sees the cam but when I run camstream it
> search for /dev/video0. 
> /dev/video0 doesn't exist.
> Udev doesn't create /dev/video0.

I got further than you did (same distro/kernel). Using
Saillard's module software, I installed an appropriate
module for the Logitech Quickcam 3000. Xawtv detected
it, but no picture. I get the impression that many
people are having trouble with Webcams, so further
discussion would be helpful.

Robert "Tim" Kopp

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