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Re: Problem Resolving names into ip addresses

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 22:08 +1000, Ken Robinson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a relative newbie when it comes to debian so please excuse any
> assumption or lack of etiquette when posting. Anyway, here goes.
> I have a box connected to an ADSL modem / DHCP server / NAT.
> I upgraded to unstable version from a knoppix 4.0 base. This was to
> get
> Xorg and to resolve some graphics card issues. One problem still
> remains.
> I am able resolve names (eg www.google.com) into their ip addresses
> using ping and nslookup but cannot with firefox and apt-get. Once I
> give the ip adress (like to firefox and apt-get they work
> fine. I understand that bind is used and is somehow separate. Is there
> some config file (like in /etc/defaults) which I need to use?

bind is an internet dns. you wouldnt and shouldnt be using it in your
home environment unless you know what you are doing. (ie. uninstall

name resolution (to my knowledge) is done via two mechanisms:

1) /etc/hosts
2) doing dns queries to the hosts in /etc/resolv.conf

you can use tcpdump to see if (and who) you are querying for your name

# tcpdump -tqn dst port 53

-matt zagrabelny

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