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Re: how to design a protocol to help 1000 PCs know whether online or not

on Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 04:08:11PM -0800, Serena Cantor (qipaishi2006@yahoo.com) wrote:
> (Sorry, I know this is not suitable place to post this question. If you know where I should post, pls let me know.)
>   There are 1000 PCs, each know these 1000 PC's IP address, each is
>   equal. How to design a protocol for every PC to find out the other
>   PCs are still online? Thank you!!!

Serena:  you might want to post this question to a forum speaking your
language (presumagly Chinese), as your question isn't clear.

The simplest tools to accomplish what you're discussing would be
periodic ping scans.  For 1000 systems, you'll probably want to
centralize this task among a subset of systems, each of which would then
report its results, to keep traffic manageable.

nmap can be used for this purpose, a scan of 1275 IPs takes about a
minute twenty seconds here:

   $ nmap -sP 10.0.1-5.0-255

A clearer description of what your systems are running (OS and
software), what your detection latency requirements are, network
topology, and bandwidth constraints, would be helpful.


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