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Re: Software RAID autostart [SOLVED]

On (29/12/05 18:59), Lars Staun Knudsen wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> > I just posted how I fixed this here:
> > 
> > add libata and ata_piix to /etc/modules
> Nice, that did the trick. Plus it helps if you set autostart to
> true. :-)

.... where is autostart?
> BTW it works without loading "ata_piix", is that for your
> intel-chipset? For my centrino laptop i use a module called
> something like "piix".

I suspect so.

Glad it worked out; it's only taken me a year to find the solution,
although in truth, I didn't try very hard after I found a kernel that
worked out of the box :)



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