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Re: Inetd vs. Xinetd

--- Rick Friedman <rickfriedman@verizon.net> wrote:

> Simply put... being the relative newbie that I am, is there an
> advantage to 
> having the xinetd package rather than netkit-inetd? Currently, I have
> netkit-inetd installed. Would I be better off removing it and
> installing 
> xinetd? 
> Any insight is greatly appreciated.

This is something I have been trying to find out myself as well.  I
have been told that inetd is insecure and not recommended, and I assume
that xinetd solves much of these security problems, although I have no
evidence to back this up (mainly because I have not been able to find
out what these problems are supposed to be (apart from DoS attacks,
which xinted claims to be able to avoid)).  The xinetd home page has a
faq that explains some of the main differences:


Hope this helps,


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