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Re: Re: package broken?

Hi Klurt Vader,
You have indeed brought me to the darkside, I am now in complete darkness as far as  Debian is concerned. I installed libjack by itself with the command apt-get install libjack0.100.0-0 and in the process many files were deleted, including kaffeine and even kdm. As a result, after re-boot, I only have a blank xdm screen and nothing else. Luckily for me, I am running a dual-OS system so I can still see the world and communicate with its folks thro' Window.
libjack is worse than Jack the Ripper. There is something wrong with that package or it is not compatible with the system that I had set up before installing it. It would be good to know what had happened, for the sake of other Debian users. Maybe you can chip in here. I'll hold you to "i'll try to see you through the install". May the force be with you, or rather, the both of us.
Meanwhile I will try to bring my Debian up to its previous state with the help of my Sarge CD#1.
Stay tuned.

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