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Samsung SCX-4100 laser printer mfp, with Debian/Sarge. Cannot get beyond test page

Samsung has supports for many Linux distributions, but not Debian. The printer works fine with its Win setup, but I cannot get anything to print with Debian beyond a test page from CUPS.

Following Samsung's directions, I made sure I had CUPS (1.1.23-15) and SANE (1.0.14-1), downloaded the latest drivers as of 12/25/05. The install completed OK it said, but gave these error messages:

cp: cannot stat `/usr/bin/lpr.cups': No such file or directory
rmmod: module mfpportprobe is not loaded
rmmod: module mfpport is not loaded
Unable to update /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit

I note that the modules are now present:


I printed a test page from CUPS 631 interface, but any other print job gets 'Unable to open MPF port device file' Error Code 12, and turns the printer off.

I see various postings in the archives here and at linuxprinting.org about problems with other Samsung printers, but nothing of help about this unit recently (that I can find). Any help is most appreciated,

David Riggs


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