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Re: /etc/interfaces for logical interfaces

On 2005-12-27 11:54:08, Joachim Fahnenmüller wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I read man interfaces but didn't understand completely.
> I have a laptop with 1 interface eth0, and I want 2 setups: at work with inet
> dhcp, at home (to exchange data with my PC) inet static with a certain IP. (If I
> understand correctly that is what they call 'logical interfaces'.)
> What must I write in /etc/interfaces so that I can do e. g. 
> ifup eth0-home (eth0=home ?)
> to start eth0 with the desired settings?

I would recommend using laptop-net. It can automagically detect
whether you're at home or at work and adjust the network settings

With my setup, it looks for ip (my router at home) and
if it is found uses ip Otherwise it uses DHCP
(at university).


Felix C. Stegerman <flx@hccnet.nl>

"Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature."
 -- R. Kulawiec

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