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anyone successful in using highpoint rocketraid 1520 with debian 2.6.8 kernel? kernel oops

I am trying to set up a server with 
sarge and stock kernel 2.6.8-2, asus a8v motherboard and two PCI card  
highpoint rocketraid 1520 sata cards. 
each card provides 2 sata channels for 2 sata hard drives. 

I did a standard sarge install without the highpoint rocketraid and now when I 
add it on to the system
I am getting a kernel oops as soon as the  kernel tries to load the hpt366 

has anyone got this working? Can you tell me what you did?

I would like to try the open source hpt302 module available as source from the 
highpoint people. 
I see from the instructions on the highpoint web site that I should compile 
the hpt302.ko module from source.

After I do that, what do I do to install it?

I must do everything with the hard drives disconnected, otherwise I kernel 

So I can compile the kernel module 
( I install kernel-headers for 2.6.8-2, make symlink for /usr/src/linux to the 
kernel-headers directory, run make  for the modules etc...)
then i can do 
insmod hpt302.ko (i hope )or so.
The I must reboot and attach hard drive to controller.
The what next? How an I disable the hpt366 module from running. Do i add 
hpt302 to /etc/modules?

what else do I need to do?


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