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Re: Question

In article <5nyut-5YC-3@gated-at.bofh.it>, Denis wrote:
> [three lines of some (c > 0x7f) alphabet, deleted]
> I specialize in selling PCs. I would like to start installing Linux 
> Debian to customers' PCs. Would you please let me know what packages i 
> can charge customers for. Denis.

I think the GNU General Public License (GPL) is clear
enough on that question.

	You can charge them any fee they'll pay for doing them
	the service of copying and installing the software.
	You may charge them for any work you do on the software.
	You may charge them for tutoring and training them.
	The GPL was designed in hopes that you could make
	a living wage doing that.

	You are not allowed to charge any money for the software
	itself at all.  It is not yours to sell.
	The software itself is free, and everyone is free
	to download it and figure it out on her own.

	You must tell your customer those terms.
	If she resells it, she has to tell her customers.

That's as simply as I can put it.
Have a really wonderful Yule Holiday, no matter what
you call it.


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