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Re: MTA slow to start

On 2005-12-23, Tyler Smith <tyler.smith@mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:

> During boot up it takes about 30 seconds for MTA to start for my Etch 
> install. With Sarge on the same box this takes less than a second. Can
> I fix this somehow? 

Changing "mybox" to "mybox.localdomain" in /etc/hostame works
for me. I can't take credit for this fix. I read it here.

> I'm running a single desktop computer, connected via an NIC 
> through a router to highspeed DSL, and I get all my mail from 
> pop accounts with Thunderbird. Do I even need an MTA?

I'm no expert, but to me it just doesn't seem like *nix without 
an MTA. Some programs send email reports to root.

Merry Christmas,

Howard E.

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