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Re: Automount of USB stick doesn't work

Hi Andrew,

>>     linux/block_class_device.c:2145: /dev/sdb1 is mounted at
>> /mnt/sdb1,major:minor=8:17,
>> fstype=vfat,udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/block_4241-6035
>> but this damned desktop doesn't do anything like that.
> WHat exactly is the problem? this says it was mounted as /mnt/sdb1. sp
> what does ls /mnt/sdb1 give you?

I'm sorry if my description is mistakable. My problem is that my
_desktop_ doesn't add the device as my _laptop_ does (which is inserts
the USB stick as /dev/sdb). The last mentionable output on my desktop is

   hald.c:81: Added device to GDL;

and after that, nothing useful seems to happen. It is neither recognized
as block device not inserted as /dev/sd*. And the abnormal behaviour
starts with the message

   hal.dev [5657]: DEVNAME is not set

so what is this?


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