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Re: kghostview refresh time

Joe Mc Cool <joe@benburb.demon.co.uk> writes:

> Kghostview is very useful, the way it can watch a file and refresh its
> display if the file changes.
> If the file changes kghostview doesn't refresh for a few seconds.
> (Which is a long time if frequent changes are being made.)  Is there
> any way this time can be shortened ?  --help-all dosen't mention it.

I don't know anything about kghostview, but if you want to use gv
instead, which does the same thing, there is an X resource
"watchFileFrequency" which specifies the time in milliseconds between
updates, the default being 1000 (one second).  You can set it in the
file ~/.gv .  It's documented in the info intry (run "info gv").


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