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Re: unsubscribe

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 22:13:22 -0800
David Kirchner <dpk@dpk.net> wrote:

> IMO, it would be a good demonstration of our problem solving skills if
> we could manage to program the list processor to honor (or at least

Well, I've had overzealous mail list program filter stuff out on the
Mandrake/Mandriva lists from time to time, and others have too. Let's
not have an overzealous filter.

> b) The filter could catch something it shouldn't, such as someone
> asking for aptitude help but using the subject "unsubscribe" to do it.

If you don't filter simply on subject, you have to filter on body, and
then it gets hairy. Over on the mandriva lists, there were whole sets
of words that you could not use -- or had to misp3ll :) in order to get
past the filter. I've had a few messages bounce because of their
filters, and I'm a fairly light poster, although I tend to lurk a lot.

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