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Re: Booting Debian directly into a 'regular user account

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 08:35:38 -0800, Alex wrote in message 
<[🔎] 1135010138.7954.2.camel@localhost.localdomain>:

> On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 14:07 +0100, Obiajulu Odu wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is there any way to configure Debian Sarge to boot directly into a
> > 'regular user' account without entering user name or password?  In
> > other words boot directly into a '$' prompt.  The Debian machine
> > will not be connected to internet. So the issue of security is not
> > importan here. The machine will be only used to present on the
> > screen a “powerpoint –like” showing of pictures of books
> > available at the library.
> > 
> I'm assuming you're going to be wanting to have it end up in an X
> session sooner or later, so you can just set up gdm and configure it
> to automatically log in a user of your choosing without asking for
> name or password. So you can just create a user with no real
> permissions and set their session to start up your slideshow of choice
> at login. Hope that helps.

..also works with kdm, Knoppix live cd's are set up this way.

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