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Re: kernels > 2.6.10 slow network connections

Benedict Verheyen wrote:
> Hi,
> when connect from an WinXp machine to my sarge server with a 2.6.10
> kernel, connectivity to the server is great.
> However, when i upgrade to a 2.6.11 up to a 2.6.14, performance is
> not great at all.
> With connectivity i mean IMAP & smb. I keep my mail on the server and
> check it via imap. I also have several shares on the server that i
> access via smb.
> With a 2.6.10 kernel, my mails popup fast & i can access the shares
> without a problem. With one of the newer kernels, the performance is
> horrible. Opening a mails is very slow but when i try to download an
> attachement, then the computer waits & waits. Same story with samba. If
> i go to a share and for instance want to delete a file, it takes ages
> for the delete popup to appear.
> I'm not sure where i need to look to know what's wrong? Where do i look?
> What is wrong?
> Maybe a module changed of my network cards that could be the cause of
> this? How do i check that?

I tried to use scp and there i have the same phenomenon. Very slow
I've used the mii-tool and this is what i got:
#  mii-tool
eth0: 100 Mbit, full duplex, link ok
eth1: 100 Mbit, full duplex, link ok

That looks good.
Any ideas?


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