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Re: Can't mount a newly created ext3 partition from the new Hard Disk I installed...

Dom wrote:
I bought a Western Digital 80GB Hard Disk as a second disk for my
GNU/Linux Debian system (kernel 2.6.8-2-386).

I attached it as a Slave and set its jumper accordingly. The next step
was to create partition, and I created one by running (under root of
course) 'fdisk /dev/hdb' and using the command new (n) to create a
primary partition with partition number 1 for which I only used 12GB
(of 80GB available). Also with command 't' I made sure the filesystem
is ext3 (code 83).

Nope. You created a partition, not a file system.

I created a directory /music on which I plan to mount this filesystem.

Then I went to change my fstab file which now looks like this:


I restarted my system and the filesystem was not mounted. Here's my syslog:


What file system? I don't see where you ran mkfs.

All you've got is a blank partition.

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