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Re: Probs with netboot/NFS - SOLVED


Your bit of advice wasn't the only thing I needed to change. I needed to also change:

* Recompile kernel without cramfs or ramdisk support and include automounter support, boot with nfs filesystem, and a couple other options enabled which was pretty important! * Use a different command for mknbi-linux - "mknbi-linux -x -i kernel -d kernel -k bzImage -o bootImage.nbi -a nfsroot=" (I changed the location where the files are to be stored to /tftpboot/
* A couple others that I can't recall.

Hopefully the above advice will help other people browsing archives :)

Thanks very much for your help again.

Regards - Piers

Jan C. Nordholz wrote:

Hello all,

Am trying to boot a diskless client with the following spec:

And the messages found in the bootup list that I think are important are:

Kernel command line: auto rw root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/nfsroot ip=

Yep... the ip= parameter tells the kernel how to configure the network
device, but you have to repeat the NFS server IP in the nfsroot= parameter;
this ought to work:

auto rw root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= ip=...



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