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Re: Promise card

Thanks for your reply. It's probably not worth having you switch out your cards right now, but the offer is appreciated. What kind of drives do you have connected to your Ultra 100 cards? I should have mentioned before that this was a Western Digital 120 GB drive w/ 8 MB buffer, connected to the Ultra 133 as the primary master. It was recognized as /dev/hde when Debian booted, but it was really a game of chance as to whether or not it would be writable or even mountable. The filesystem was a single JFS partition (/dev/hde1), it's the data drive for MythTV.

   Dave Parker

uniqx wrote:

I know you asked about the 133, but I am using the Promise Ultra 100 --on two debian systems -- and they work great. I can switch out the 133 from my windows box and try it if you would like.

If you think I can help, let me know.

gere harvey


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