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Re: reinstalling config files


* Steve Mallett <steve.mallett@gmail.com> [051220 19:01]:

> I was having trouble getting php4/apache2 to play nice on Sarge, apt-get
> removed then, which left the apche config files.  stupidly I rm -rf'd
> apache2 & can't install apache2's config files.  apt-get install --reinstall
> apche2 does not work.

Debian can not only be installed or removed, but purged, too.  The
difference between remove and purge is, that removing a package leaves
configuration files, while purging a packages removes them, too.

Therefore Debians package management still thinks you have some kind of
configartion (since you just removed the package and removed the files
by hand).

> Help appreciated in advance.

Purging the packages finally should help.  You can do this by running
"dpkg --purge $package_name".  If you don't know the names of the
packages you need to purge, you can search for removed packages, which
have stil configuration filesinstalled by "dpkg -l|grep ^rc".

Yours sincerely,


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