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Can't install Etch on SuperMicro 370DE6

I just got a used computer with a supermicro 370DE6 motherboard and am
having problems installing with Etch netinst iso. I first tried with the
11-NOV-2005 beta 1 iso. On the first reboot after removing the cd it hangs
at "Linux agpgart interface v0.101 (c) Dave Jones". I tried a different
video card which worked before on another computer.

I also tried the daily build for 11/08/05 and that one hung displaying
"installing packages" with progress bar at 0%. Also with that version, it
turns on both overheat fans when it hangs.

I tried an older cd I had that was listed as stable when Sarge was testing,
so I think it's woody? It went through the whole install without problems.

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