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Re: Help with Linux selection please?

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Arafangion wrote:

> Personally, I feel that if one says that they are willing to _pay_, the test 
> should not recommend Debian, but rather the commercial distributions, that 
> bundle "nice stuff" out of the box.

the folks willing to pay real $$$ will usually dictate what the want and
why .. it doesn't matter whether you/we agree with their choices or not
or the way they run their distros, network, security, backups, etc, etc...

you can't change their mind, more like i can't usually change their minds 
unless they're solicting (professional) opinions of what to do 

	- it's a lot easier to change things when the "shit hit the fan"
	and now understand the avoidable problems

- they usually have some newbie or windoze folks runing the shop for them
  and we have to be more professional in "appearance/words" to make a 
  reasonable choice

- suse and redhat is the 2 worst possible distro, but people still pay 
  real big $$$ for it... and its good for job security

	- "nice commercial bundles" does not always solve the customers
	with $$$ because they usually have specific problems they need 

- if they have the time and $$$ and realistic ideas of how to
  accomplish their goals, they get what they want ...

c ya

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