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Are release critical bugs fixed in sarge?

I have a question regarding the way bugs are dealt in debian stable.

Will or should a package in sarge be updated, if it is unusable or has a serious bug, BEFORE etch becomes stable.

Let's consider an example: say an editor programme has a bug and crashes regularly, loosing all text entered since the file was last saved manually. To my understanding that should classify as 'grave' and 'release critical', since data loss is occured. On the other hand, of course it may not be a security issue in the sense that it doesn't open doors to hackers or breaks the system.

(I won't detail the annoyance caused by regular 'data loss' and having to explain a workaround to all our users, who 'have just been convinced' to switch from certain proprietary software to debian. I know there are worse bugs in that other software than just a crashing editor, but it happens that those are the kind of bugs people are used to...)

Will and/or should such a bug be fixed in stable (before testing becomes stable)?

Should such a bug be reported to security seperately?

Thanks for improving my understanding!


NB: Debians bug tracking system and its documentation on www.debian.org/Bugs are great, but I'm missing this kind of information.

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