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Re: Sound card problems

Cian Phillips wrote:
> I'm a complete newbie at this so bear with me. I have recently  upgraded
> my machine to testing/unstable and have lost sound. I have  played with
> alsaconf but it reports "No supported PnP or PCI card  found.". As you
> can see from lspci below I have an onboard ali card  and it did work
> before the upgrade.
> alim15x3                6740   1 (autoclean)

If this is the driver you're talking about then ALSA will not work with
it because it isn't an ALSA module.  All ALSA modules start with "snd-".
 If this driver is in your /etc/modules file then take it out and use
the ALSA module instead.  If you don't know what loads this module,
you'll probably have to blacklist it in /etc/modutils.d/blacklist file.

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