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Re: Help with Linux selection please?

Chinook wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Chinook wrote:



I wrote the article:

Hmm, browser couldn't find that URL...

[more snippy]

One possibility (and one I recommend, actually) is to get LiveCDs and
run off them for a while. That way, you can try out some stuff and
see what you like. Try http://www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php

With MS's weekly so-called security updates and other issues, I decided to put my time to better use and just expunge XP. OT: The last time I took the PC in for servicing they wanted to run software to "detect" malware/etc. I told them the only malicious software on the PC was W<snip>

Umm, the LiveCD link page I suggested is links to CDs from which you can
run various Linux distros without having to install. Knoppix and Kanotix
are both Debian based, for example.

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