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Re: problem installing mysql-doc

On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 02:52:16PM -0800, David Christensen wrote:
> Peter Nuttall wrote:
> > From a brief peek at the qa site for the package[1], It appears that
> > mysql-doc has been removed from debian. The bug report[2] explains
> > why.
> Yup, that explains it.
> So, I guess the Apt database (or whatever) needs to be updated to remove
> mysql-doc and any forward or reverse dependencies?

really, the mysql-client, mysql-client-4.1 and  eskuel packages need to
be fixed so that they don't have a suggests for mysql-doc. You could
file a bug[1] against these packages to get it removed. 


[1] when I say "file a bug" I mean "check to see if the bug is listed
first, and only if it isn't listed file a new bug".

> David
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