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Re: Realplayer and ALSA

Jacob S on 15/12/05 03:48, wrote:
I was only able to get Realplayer 10 to work by
running it with th following command:

aoss realplayer

Whoops... That should be "aoss realplay".

This is going to be very sticky. First, to use it as a browser
helper application with that parameter, it is necessary to write a
shell script. When I do that, say, switching to /music and invoking

aossrp file.ram

I would look into mozplugger for invoking RealPlayer. In
/etc/mozpluggerrc you can change the commands it uses to call helper applications. There is a section specifically for .rm, .ram and other
 RealPlayer formats.

I recommend you check that realplayer is working on its own first before you invest time in plugging it into moz.

On gnome I can't get it to run any sound using esound or alsa or oss (or aoss).


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