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The problem with Yaird

When that first installed and run with the new 2.6.14 kernel image, it did not 
work. Problem is that it simply installs without informing us that maybe some 
configuration is required before running. Then it simply runs (and in my 
case, failed). I got it to run by setting MOUNTDEV /dev/hdc1 /mnt. This 
initrd failed with the ubiquitous panic block 22,1 -- please append a boot=. 
This line does indeed exist in my lilo to the linux disk and works with other 

The next upgrade of yaird failed once again. A configuration template that 
once was in the shared library subdirectory was now in /etc/yaird where it 
belonged in the first place. Since I had modified the Default file and 
nothing was flagged as different, I did not change the reference to that 
template file there. Now that I made that point to /etc/yaird, I am back to 

If I make the initrd the old way, 2.6.14 will try to load, no panic, no 
complaint about devfs since I am apparently not using it (nor udev). I get 
(as in previous postings) "kernel modules not enabled" (they are) and 
undefined symbols in all the alsa stuff and a couple of other places. The 
kernel boots and kde comes up otherwize OK!

Any ideas?

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