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Re: Package installation errors

Thanks for the response Pete. I did notice some errors during the  upgrade and dist upgrade options. But most unfortunately, there was a power outage before I could capture the errors. So,  if I have to revert everything back to the stable version - Sarge, what are steps that I need to follow ? Few things that I can think of from my limited knowledge :

1) My /etc/apt/sources.list has the following :
   deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian unstable main

  I assume, I need to  change this to :
 deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian stable main contrib non-free ?
 That should start updating the packages from the stable versions ?

2) After this, is it as simple as :
apt-get -u dist-upgrade  ?

Also, is there a way to find out what version of stable debian is installed on my system ? I am guessing it is woody but how can I confirm ?


On 12/17/05, Peter Nuttall <p.s.nuttall@durham.ac.uk> wrote:
On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 06:05:00PM -0700, Ram wrote:
> Hi all,
>  i am a new user of linux in general  and debian in specific. I recently
> updated my system with the following commands :
> #apt-get update
> #apt-get upgrade
> #apt-get dist upgrade

I'm guessing that you upgraded to unstable, which lives up to its name.

> kotapc:~# apt-get -f install
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree... Done
> Correcting dependencies... Done
> The following extra packages will be installed:
>   udev
> The following packages will be upgraded:
>   udev
> 1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 50 not upgraded.
> 559 not fully installed or removed.

this 50 not upgraded, 559 not fully installed business is worrying me.
Are you sure your upgrade and dist-upgrade worked?

> Need to get 0B/278kB of archives.
> After unpacking 307kB of additional disk space will be used.
> Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
> (Reading database ... 101947 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace udev 0.056-2 (using .../archives/udev_0.076-6_i386.deb)
> ...
> udev requires a kernel >= 2.6.12, upgrade aborted.
> dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/udev_0.076-6_i386.deb
> (--unpack):
>  subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  /var/cache/apt/archives/udev_0.076-6_i386.deb
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
> #
Right now, the sid kernel images are broken. see
http://wiki.debian.org/TopicDebianDevel for more infomation. Thats
messing up udev, which as you see wants a recent kernel image.

> So what am I doing wrong ?

I feel I should warn you off running unstable. Its going though a lot of
work right now, which means massive breakages. Also, before sarge was
released, everyone ran unstable or testing becuase woody was too old. I
feel that sarge is still reasonably current.

> Thanks for  the help in advance
> Ram

Sorry I couldn't be more help


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