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KDE font size problem after nvidia driver upgrade

I'm running Sid with 2.6.14.  Nvidia-glx was upgrade to 8174 in Sid recently.  
I built and installed the corresponding driver using module-assistant, and 
now all of the fonts and (I think) KDE/Qt GUI elements are about 20% larger 
than they used to be, even though the point size is still the same.  I 
thought at first I had inadvertently reduced the resolution from 1024x768 to 
800x600, but that is not the case - I still am at 1024x768.  If I use the nv 
driver instead of the nvidia driver with no other changes to the xorg conf, 
the problem goes away.  Non-KDE apps don't seem to be affected.  I have done 
some googling and there seems to be an issue with KDE determining dpi from 
the X configuration, but I haven't been able to understand it well enough to 
get the problem fixed.  Any hints would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
David Bruce

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